The software, developed by IDOM, can manage the main KNX functions. IDOM software is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, iPad, TabletPC, PanelPC, interactive kiosks...

Its user-friendly communication interface sets new standards of convenience and practicality.

Local access     :  WiFi network
Remote access :  Internet network

The interactive remote control is easily customizable: the user need only assign the rooms and link them to buttons for commands (turning lights on and off, raising or lowering shutters, changing the temperature in a room) or states (checking an actual temperature, if all lights are off, watching a house security camera, controlling access...)

The iDom Galleries (KNX links on the left menu) show all the features and design of the software.
An Internet connection is required to use all the application’s features.

Activating the services enables the use of all the backup and restore features for the configuration databases on our servers.
This information is personal and secured by the relevant licence.

Thanks to this hosting, website constructors and service providers will be able to assist and maintain the configuration of the home automation equipment. This will guarantee the best possible use of the installation features, while removing any difficulties for the user.

The installers and system integrators can prepare or modify a setting and send it to the user.
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